You Will:

    - Gain

    - Enhance
    - Solve
    - Grow 

    These Advanced Program Management Information Systems (PMIS) have so many benefits to offer!


    The Important Takeaways:

    • Industry-leading technologies for workflow automation, SmartForms, and content governance
    • A Very Rapid Deployment option is available.
    • Mobile accessibility via iPads and other portable platforms.
    • Ability to respond to assigned workflow tasks via smart phones.
    • GIS Map interface to vital SharePoint content.
    • You're not locked into one Design - or a long process getting one.
    • Very efficient photos management.
    • The system grows with you with high flexibility.  We help you.
    • Use only the modules you need or are ready for.
    • Easy culture shift - can do one team at a time.
    • It can pull you forward - no growth limits.
    • The results and positive feedback have been stellar! 

    You Will Gain:

    • Outstanding efficiency
    • Substantial cost savings with more control
    • More surefire and faster communications
    • System and process integrity
    • Safer positioning for claims / litigation / risk reductions 
    • Modernization

    You will Enhance: ProgramNet SharePoint Portal for Program Management, Construction Management, and Document Management 

    Available Modules:  

    • Program Management Foundation
    • Document/Records Management
    • Contract Management (CMBoost eForms)
    • GIS Mapping Interface (MapSyncPoint)
    • SmartForms, SmartFlows, SmartFolders
    • Mobile/iPad and Photos Integration (FieldSyncPoint)
    • Permits Tracking (PermitTrack)
    • Land/Easement/ROW Acquisition Tracking (ROWTrack)
    • Parcels Inventory Tracking (ParcelTrack)
    • Project Controls Tracking and Reporting System
    • Program/Project Dashboards
    • Project Management Tracking (ProjectTrack)
    • Resource Time Tracking (TimeTrack)
    • Asset Management. And more…

    Hosted Portal:

    • Ultra-modern SharePoint 2013 Enterprise platform backed by Rackspace (#1 SharePoint Servers Source)
    • Speed and horsepower to spare!
    • Unlimited users offering
    • 24/7 Support
    • Powerful dashboard, PDF Exporting, bulk transfer, and data integration tools
    • Automatic document compression and OCR processing available (can scan text from photos)
    • Barcode-based document management available
    • Geo-location data management - locate and track assets/infrastructure then link to projects
    • Pre-configured with many of the modules above or custom build to your project

    Key Features:  

    • Proven
    • Available rapidly
    • Highly customizable
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Grows with your Program without overwhelming your team.
    • ProgramNet helps establish a path for you ‐‐ No need to blaze a new trail

    Add Success Potential to Your Program!

    Our clients include Programs up $2B+ in size. Yes, we work with smaller companies as well.  Our expertise also includes a deep understanding of the Program, engineering, and construction processes (including advanced document management training and experience) and system architectures needed to offer the blueprints for success, small to large.