The Need for Speed!

    Information and decisions delivered more quickly reduce the chance for adverse events or loss in the request-to-answer cycle.

    Program, Construction, Engineering, and Document Management Problems Solved!

    We solve many challenges...

    Here are a few we've observed and provided solutions for:

    • Misplacement or loss of critical paper documents
    • Decisions made on incorrect or inadequate information input
    • Reliance on answers from other people with other interests in mind
    • Slow delivery of critical items or information leading to chaos, frustration, confusion, delays, and financial or political penalties
    • Poor confidence in systems leading to home-grown or very personal alternatives
    • Harboring or silo-ing of information or data (need for SharePoint governance)
    • Multiple data entry points and sources used to produce similar (but different) values in multiple places (yes, it is as bad as it sounds)
    • Compounding delays due to cascading dependencies from one person or team to another, operating on slow, incomplete, or wrong information (i.e. no permit means no construction)
    • Increased litigation costs and outcomes due to any of the above or lack of records management policies
    • Haphazard or inconsistent processes followed on a daily basis leading to waste and inefficiency

    Some things we can't measure but they have been reduced or avoided:

    • Incorrect construction activities due to out-of-date or delayed information
    • Safety issues due to slow, incomplete, or incorrect guidance communication
    • Environmental violations due to poor communication
    • Extra expense due to permit or ROW expirations and related work stoppage/demobilization
    • Delays due to weather events -- information and decisions delivered more quickly reduce the chance for weather events in the request-to-answer cycle

     SharePoint Cloud solution saving valuable time in construction and engineering document management.