ArchiveBoost - Records Packaging Automation

    Whether you need it daily, monthly, or at Close-out time, ArchiveBoost can be used to create the critical
    engineering and construction Records documents packaging found in well-executed Programs.
    Are you forcing your people to figure out how to get documents packaged and delivered to their teams?
    Are you fostering the growth of many different ways of doing the same thing?
    Are duplicate copies of documents being created, using valuable time and storage to do so?
    Are the duplicate copies or record copies being stripped of useful metadata?

    ArchiveBoost benefits:
    • Valuable extension to eForms processing.
    • Captures cover form into a PDF with same metadata retained.
    • Attachments from other libraries can be combined and bookmarked into a single file.
    • Provides for a consistent, sustainable, and repeatable process across document administrators.
    • Eliminates the need to download to Adobe Acrobat on the PC then upload or send from there.
    • Output PDFs can be loaded to a library with different security.
    • Send links to secondary recipients instead of email attachments.

    ArchiveBoost follows onto CMBoost eForms processing and other powerful document management processes facilitated in a hosted ProgramNet ProPortal.   Our FieldSyncPoint and MapSyncPoint solutions bring it all together on a mobile and/or GIS platform.

    Go ahead.   Move forward today!