Inspection and Compliance Tracking


    Inspection Tracking for Airport, Construction, Oil & Gas, industrial plants, and more

    Electronic record-keeping of inspection and compliance tracking and asset management activities is becoming more important than ever.  How can we help?
    • On-the-spot entry and retrieval of data, documents, and results
    • Access current and past reports via mobile device
    • Capture photos as vital documentation
    • MapSyncPoint GIS Map interface brings the tracking and content together on a map of your runways, facilities, pipeline, highway, well field, plant or building -- to the floor plan level, and more.
    • Easily expand and adapt for limited-term activities or projects
    • Tracking rolls into Records Management
    • Dashboards for visual review of status and progress
    • Equipment maintenance integration
    • Alerts available for areas, equipment, situations, and document updates
    • Total content system with cross-linking to training document, videos, photos, and manufacturer websites

    Our Engineering and Construction experience goes hand -in-hand with airport, oil and gas, and other industry operations that use similar activities.

    We can provide long-term and short-term solutions as needed.

    Do you need to document or map out existing infrastructure?   Get modernized from a paper-based process?   We can really help there!   For example, you can take a photo of a manhole cover or transformer or pump location or pipe joint and have that GPS pinpointed to an interactive map, then connect related documents, photos, and information to that in a rapid fashion.  Key information can be recorded on the spot.  This is truly context-based information management.   The collected information forms or builds a database.  In rapid fashion, you'll have an electronic master reference to your infrastructure and facilities.  This can be used for planning, training, maintenance, and other process improvements.

    Or, to put this another way...  an information build sequence can start from a single photo.   An inspector only has to take a photo of a trouble point and upload it on the spot.   This photo will get pinned to a map along with time, date, and originator information (at a minimum - more can be added by the originator).   Once uploaded, an alert can be spawned to cause more information to be added or other action to be taken.  Over time, other operational data can be added or linked to the location (i.e. pressure variances, times maintained, gallons processed, inspections completed...).

    Future dated visual flagging can be used for normal or other maintenance activities coming up in the future.  Sound powerful?  It is!

    Let's get a demo scheduled to see how your processes could become the talk of the town!