CMBoost eForms:

    This is a partial list and built-to-order available.


    Change Order CMBoost eForm

    Key Change Order (CO) eForm features include:

    • Section by section control of input via Role-based section locking.
    • Automated email Alerts to the next Role person on deck.  These Alerts contain the speedy direct links to the single eForm or to the library of all related eForms.
    • Highly guided user input to prevent typos or missing information.
    • Robust progress tracking of who is up next and status of the eForm.
    • Simple linking of attachment documents.
    • Direct upload of attachments while in the eForm.
    • Direct link to open attachments from the eForm.
    • Ability to search for and reuse prior attachments -- prevents duplicates.
    • Ability to select from a document set.
    • Automated numbering and titling of eForm files for highly consistent usage.
    • Automated Due Date calculation by eForm type or by project or recipient.
    • Controlled single sourcing and storage -- essential for reliability.