Experience Professional Document and Records Management

    We realize many organization don't know where to start or where to go with electronic document management.  Let us help you.

    New!  With the addition of FieldSyncPoint we now can present fully paperless processing of submittals, design reviews/markups, and drawing approvals right in the field on an iPad!  

    Our clients reap the benefits of the near-paperless office.  Robust configuration methodologies are used to support the much-needed components of solid document and records management.  These include:

    • Naming
    • Categorization
    • Single storage and sourcing
    • Metadata tagging, management, navigation (to take your SharePoint to a high value level)
    • Taxonomy
    • Archival
    • Expiration and Destruction
    • Security and Control
    • Non-Duplication
    • Validity and Quality Control Monitoring
    • Search and Retrieval
    • Linking to other interfaces
    Be sure to learn more about our ArchiveBoost solution for full records management. 

    We understand Electronic Content Management (ECM), Electronic Records Management (ERM), Electronic Document Management (EDM) -- all in the context of engineering programs and construction document management.  They all require solid expertise to avoid wasted time and money.  Only a solid system can support evolution to automated workflow, content linking, reliable retrieval, and consistent search results.

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