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    GIS Mapping on SharePoint for engineering and construction - inspection, planning, environmental, safety, collaboration, document management on major Program
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    example and TImeline:
    ProgramNet GIS Mapping on SharePoint

    Facility Area Option.
    Multiple floor layers
    ProgramNet GIS Mapping Integration for SharePoint

    Floor Plan Integration:
    ProgramNet GIS maps integration for SharePoint 2013

    Location-specific photos
    and area alerting shown:
    Floor plan integration with GIS on SharePoint

    Pipeline alignment with
    related stationing, parcels,
    laydown grid, permits,
    photos, ROW docs,
    segment areas and more:
    Full featured GIS map on SharePoint
    GIS content linked in SharePoint

    Materials management
    and tracking on laydown
    yard grid plus dynamic
    marker styles and colors
    based on quantities.
    Materials management and tracking on SharePoint - Laydown Yard Grid integration

    List of materials by yard
    allows for sorting,
    searching then fly to it!


    MapSyncPoint - GIS Mapping on SharePoint - a powerful extension to engineering and construction document management


    Imagine this!

    You are standing at wind turbine 57, or the middle of a 90-acre plant site, or near I-35 mile marker 225, or in the center of a 185-mile pipeline, or gas well 133 and you have your cellular-enabled iPad and you would like to answer the question:  What do I need to know about this location?   Using MapSyncPoint, you can click an 'I am here' button and retrieve important real-time notices, photos of inside the pipeline, specifications on the highway or runway concrete density, operations manuals for the automated valves or drawings for the plant site location, current production data for the wells, temperature or flow thresholds, last maintenance data on the wind turbines, as-built documentation, project status, component delivery schedule, important contacts, inspection data, permit details.... all without going back to the office or making a call or waiting for an email.
    And... you can make on-the-spot updates, add new entries, notify on new conditions or findings, upload new photos, and mark-up PDFs -- all of which can produce an immediate email alert to key people!   You could also add an alert back to yourself when changes or corrections are made in your chosen area.

    New advanced SmartFlows workflow automation handles the alerts you need no matter where you're at.   Simple input methods can be used to get new content sent to the proper libraries and access points.

    Visualize - Question - Analyze - Interpret - Understand

    Getting answers can be difficult to do when navigating multiple pages with simple lists, tables, and document names.  Upgrade your efficiency with a visual interface to all that and more!
    • Use your SharePoint ProPortal system as an information warehouse.
    • Use common mapping features to quickly reveal results, progress, and concerns.
    • Accelerate getting the answers you need to satisfy your inquiries or be alerted for changes in an area

    GIS Map Interfaces are Powerful -- but now more powerful in SharePoint

    • A well-organized SharePoint system is very powerful.  Enhance that with a map interface and be top-class.
    • Other GIS Map systems are powerful, but usually require a separate database update process and duplication.
    • Strong content or information management involves eliminating duplication.  This does that!
    • Use common GIS map features to leverage your SharePoint content asset.  In other words, allow your content to enhance your maps.

    A Valuable Tool for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Projects and Programs

    • Point and click your way through content instead of type and search.
    • Link to photos, documents, tables, Lists, dashboards, summary pages, and more throughout your SharePoint system.
    • Drill-down as needed.  Document icon on the map leads to area-specific document  and related data.
    • Create a single point of entry to related photos, permits, drawings, specs, contracts, schedules, cost metrics, manpower levels, equipment data, Right-of-Way (ROW) or easement data, contacts, documents, RFIs, Submittals, inspection reports, safety and environmental alerts, and references.
    • Help your new project members be more productive much more quickly. 
    • Further leverage your engineering and construction document management investments.

    Construction Program and Project Management Love These Interfaces!

    • Simply put... faster access to answers means faster and more consistent decisions.
    • Consistent and speedy information access leads to fewer change orders, better safety management, prevent compliance problems... lower risk.
    • Quickly navigate from a broad view to pinpoint information retrieval.
    • Drill up to see the bigger picture and related areas and elements quickly.
    • Raise accountability through visibility.


    • Real-time integration and re-use of content loaded to SharePoint.
    • Spatial-based alerts allow you to be alerted for any content changes based on a map area you choose.  Very powerful!
    • Instantly add markers or notices on the map (i.e. safety issue or hazard identified).
    • Content is presented in layers you can choose to show or hide.
    • iPad app helps in showing where you are and how to get where you need to be (use this to find and track materials also).
    • Valuable on facility areas and floor plans also.
    • Photos, Documents, Notices, and more also presented in a list view then you can 'fly to' that item on the map.
    • Photos and other items can be geo-located by you if they are not already tagged for that.
    • Integrates with Bing Maps for current aerial maps and driving directions.
    • Powerful O&M operations including linking contacts, manufacturers, manuals, and maintenance alerts.
    • Full click-thru from the Map to the actual photo, document, form, or data item.
    • Timeline function shows content in a date context.   Great for showing future maintenance or permit renewals.
    • Materials inventory management and tracking makes broader use of SharePoint as a data system.
    • Materials can be spread across multiple laydown yard areas and still be found in the list search.
    • Materials are geo-located also so you can be GPS-guided to their locations as well.
    • All content and data is available and managed in SharePoint in normal fashion outside of the map. 
    • Data can also be sourced from data systems outside of SharePoint.

    Many Valuable Usage Options:

    • During plant, pipeline, oil field, wind farm, bridge, shoreline, highway, airport, stadium, and building project construction
    • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
    • Asset Management 
    • On-going Inspection and Compliance
    • Locating and Documenting infrastructure
    • Materials and Equipment Tracking
    • Surveying and Design Support
    • Safety and Communications
    • Real-time plotting of buoy locations, underwater obstructions, accident sites, road hazards