Process Analysis and Change Management

    It may still be said that automating bad processes leads to faster bad processes.  What is most true about that statement is that money is wasted, systems are discarded, people are frustrated, morale drops, and opportunities are lost.  The aftermath usually means there are then two bad systems.
    We've been around the block on this one too many times.  If you can do a new process on and with paper, then it is very likely to succeed with your new information automation systems and tools.  Process mapping and documenting that process as it currently exists and as it will become is absolutely essential.  Your success is far more assured if that is done up front, along with the prototyping system delivery method we use.
    We can help you from start to finish.  This includes the change management guidance necessary to get new tools and practices in place.  Assess.  Plan.  Sustain.  Three simple but necessary stages to bring about lasting change.  We truly care about the results and, especially, the partnering relationship between our companies for sound project and program management.

    Work Planning and Packaging with Collaboration and Document Management

    Our solutions, tools, and expertise mapped into your improved processes will certainly lead to the cost, schedule, and safety improvements available through effective work packaging.   The core is collaboration -- good collaboration!   And good electronic document management.   Simply having a new system is not the answer.   Document your work flows to fully identify the opportunities to plug in new tools.   A great solution that often crosses multiple improved work processes is GIS Map interfaces which make direct reuse of captured content.   Our interactive map integration does that.   The benefits of map interfaces to information, photos, documents, and status data are not fully understood until it is fully experienced.

    World-Class Workflow Automation

    When your essential project workflow processes are dependent on key individuals, office location, custom coding, or I.T. responsiveness then you have some potential soft links in the chain.    Essential expertise can be captured in our robust workflow automation, leading to full empowerment of the expertise your lead team members are trained and experienced in.   Let project managers, engineers, inspectors, field foremen do what they are best at.   Many new self-empowerment systems can keep the key people from their key work (i.e. turning them into document and email administrators instead).   We can capture their expertise into our highly flexible workflow automation (ProSmartFlows and ProSmartForms).   Their expertise becomes even more valuable and your teams and projects benefit from it over and over again.  

    ProSmartFlows are easily adapted to changing and project-specific or team conditions.  And they are easily expanded to include more and more process step automation as you are ready for them.  ProSmartForms capture the full intelligence leading to quality data entry, efficient movement of the flows, and highly usable results (documents, data, decision factors, performance monitoring...).   High quality workflow automation is essential to delivering vital information and documents in a timely and consistent manner.

    Go ahead.  Improve your processes!   We'll help you reap the rewards of that with modernized and mobility-enabled solutions.