Reporting - Converting Data To Information

    We know reporting and dashboards - from team to upper management needs.  Good reporting requires a solid data entry, storage, and delivery foundation.  We know how to build those necessary foundations leading to real-time or period-centric delivery of data into information.  Reports come in many flavors.  We can serve them up on-line, to your email, to your phone, and on paper when needed using SSRS, PerformancePoint, Excel Services, InfoPath, and more in SharePoint.  Even our MapSyncPoint GIS Map solution is a great reporting interface!

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    A few words about us...

    A few words about us...

    "As part of the Prairie Waters’ Project [Project Management Institute’s 2011 Project of the Year] ProgramNet was a critical partner in the Program’s overall success. Their expertise in data management, united with their knowledge of Program Management, allowed them to work closely with Program Staff to develop critical data collection, tracking and reporting tools for the overall Program. These tools, when combined with our SharePoint system, added a level of detail and accuracy that was key to better managing the numerous projects that comprised PWP. With six years of personally working with ProgramNet’s team, I would not hesitate to recommend ProgramNet for any project that requires expertise in data collection, management and reporting processes." 

    Ron Stevenson MBA, CCC, PMP
    Program Controls Manager
    Prairie Waters Project
    Aurora, Colorado

    “As a Program Manager, I rely on proven processes, resources, and solution tools. ProgramNet fits that need and has been a valuable partner in past and present programs. I have found that ProgramNet is responsive and has a solid background in delivering quality, customizable solutions.  They also do a good job of thinking and advising toward future needs."
    Tom Jacobs
    Management Consultant

    "I have worked with Mike Kirschbaum and ProgramNet for over five years as they developed the last two document control programs that I was involved with.  Both were web based SharePoint operations and both were exceptional.  Their finest qualities were:

    1. Their simplicity.
    2. Their flexibility.

    We refined the program used on our Wichita, Kansas project as our client evolved his needs.  We were able to keep the records for 14 construction contracts on a  consistent path which is no easy task."

    Dennis H. Sanders
    Sr. Construction Manager
    Author of “Field Guide For Construction Management