ROW/ROE/Easements/Land Acquisition Tracking

    Easements are a critical-path element in nearly all construction projects.  We can help greatly with this to deploy reliable tracking, reporting, and monitoring.

    ROWTrack supports the accurate collection, maintenance, tracking, and reporting of easements by easement number, by project, by person, by date, by expiration date, by status, by ...  Because we understand how to store easement record data, many options are available for reporting and automated alerting as well.
    We've worked hand in hand with land/easement acquisition professionals on very large, multi-year projects.  This is definitely not theory here.  The easement/ROW data and documents can be linked to GIS map interface and related documents as well.

    See the images below for a few examples of how your easements can be protected from mistakes, excuses, team turnover, and delays.

    Permit acquisition is just as critical.  Check out the Permits Tracking solution also.

    Physical Parcel Tracking eForm:  (This shows a Parcel then the easements and permits associated with it)
    Powerful SharePoint cloud solution for land and right of way tracking in construction document management

    Physical Parcels Summary List:

    ROWTrack Record eForm:  (the bottom shows that this easement crosses several parcels)

    ROWTrack Summary Page:

    ROWTrack Summary List of Records:
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