Simple dashboard:
    Robust dashboards availabe on SharePoint
    Enhanced Dashboard:
    Multi-function dashboard with drill-down

    Powerful Dashboards - Business Intelligence - Executive Information Systems

    We know dashboards - single team to upper management possibilities.  Again, a live demo is needed to understand the value of scorecards, roll-ups, graphs, gauges, charts, tables, reports, OLAP, cubes, dimensional modeling, etc.   Our charts include animation and drill-down to a sub-chart. 
    Dashboards can be quite useless and misleading if not built on a solid data foundation.  We know how to build those necessary foundations and  apply modern technologies like PerformancePoint, PowerPivot, Excel Services, Access Data Services, Analysis Services, and Data Warehouse architecture.

    This is another great way to leverage the SharePoint 2013 portal investment and to further empower your team members!