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    That is our mission.

    ProgramNet Portals Are Backed By Proven Results


    The Results for You:  Savings and Efficiency

    How would you like to get in on the savings in the six to seven figure range?
    The real-world tested and proven results we've delivered will bring success and efficiency to your organization - one project, team, department, or division at a time.  Your confidence will be well- founded in the experience and leadership used to deliver solid results. 

    The ProgramNet team's Proven Experience and skill has been instrumental in major SharePoint-based Program Portals such as the $750M+ Prairie Waters Program (PWP) and larger. Our work is benefiting other large CIP Programs, like Tarrant Regional Water District, City of Fresno, City of Honolulu, City of San Mateo, Denver Metro Water Reclamation District, Denver Water, and more.   We work with several top 20 global engineering firms, two are in the top five.

    We've done value-adding work for over 25 organizations in a variety of industries (Engineering, Construction, Electrical Power, Water/Sewer, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Insurance, Media Publishing, Financial/Loans, Government, HIPPA, EDI, etc). Thus, we can start the savings and efficiency gains much quicker for you!

    Proof of our expertise is evident in the Solutions Delivered and Problems Solved.